Jul 29 2007

A Review of Thoughts.Com

I have really been hoping to have more advertisers on our blog, we have tons of sidebar space that could be sold for a great value. Thankfully I recently was approached by Thoughts.Com

Thoughts.com have their own page on our blog now. There is quite a bit of information there about their website.

What are your thoughts?

“Thoughts offers blogs for everyone, so sign up for a free blog, upload your videos, photos and share your podcasts all in one site.”

I’m not sure how many people were into the online journals, like blurty, but thats what thoughts reminds me of. A super online journal/blog.

Win a Trip

Thoughts doesn’t really seem to be promoting their free vacation giveaway enough. So let me tell you about it! Five members will receive a free trip to Las Vegas! They are really just looking for active members, so to do so make sure to post some blogs and get active!

The winners will be able to take one guest and get…

* Roundtrip airfare for two from anywhere in the continental United States.
* 3 Night stay at a 4 star Las Vegas resort (to be determined)
* Complimentary dinner 3 nights
* Complimentary shows 2 nights

My First Impressions

When I was first contacted by thoughts, I thought it was another free blog service like blogger. However, thoughts is more of a community type environment, sort of like a myspace.

The only problem I could see for the more advanced bloggers, is that you can’t customize your own blog pages, so every blog is pretty much the same. I hope to see that change in the future.

Overall I like the idea, and there is quite a few features, yet they are only in BETA. It will be interesting to see what happens when they really make a full release.

What are your thoughts?

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