Aug 31 2007

Comment Friday for August 31st

If this is your first comment friday, the idea is pretty simple. Leave us a comment about anything you want. I will select one lucky commentor that really stands out, and I will give a free link to them. Not only that, but they will get a one week free blogroll spot for a week.
This [...]

Aug 30 2007

40 Ways to Promote your Blog

I recently received a nice contact from Patrick Herber who runs the community blog Top Secret Blogger. He brought his article to my attention, and I asked him if I could mention it and republish it.
His article, 40 Ways to Promote your Blog, lists tons of Press Release sites, Directories, and Social Networks. I have [...]

Aug 29 2007

Germ of an idea for a How To… blog

A while ago, Matt gave me an idea to broaden my blogging horizons – he suggested I start another blog! I set to thinking about a topic I would enjoy writing about day in, day out, in a niche that I know well to the point of being an authority. After dismissing the idea of [...]

Aug 28 2007

Free Tools to Tweak Your Blog

Last week, we looked at how to check the health of your blogs with some free tools. Now, that you know where you rank and started implementing changes that will increase your Google PR, Alexa Ranking, etc., it’s time to spruce up the looks of your blog.
Free Development Kit
If tinkering with HTML, [...]

Aug 27 2007

Sell Your Own Sponsored Reviews

Bloggers and advertisers alike can benefit in cutting out the middlemen like Payperpost and ReviewMe. It means more money for the blogger and less money for the advertiser.
How I Made 100$ in a Day
Sponsored reviews for BAYB has really slowed down lately and there is no reason for that. Our blog is thriving and growing [...]

Aug 26 2007

Web Hosting Geeks

Webhosting Geeks isn’t another cheap webhosting site. They can however help you find the best website hosting. They give lists of the top webhosting sites, the best hosts of 2007. These include such webhosting sites as BlueHost, Yahoo and Hostmonster.
The rankings are done by a voting and review system. The best host is BlueHost, which [...]

Aug 26 2007

Contest Roundup!

I haven’t done a contest round up in a while, there hasn’t been too many I’ve really wanted to enter. However I did win a free t-shirt at Derek Semmler, which I will write more about when I get the shirt. That’s right, I’m going to go with what I really love besides blogging. Modeling [...]

Aug 25 2007

Comment Friday Winner: Charles Lau

This week our comment friday received a cool 24 comments. Not bad! I’ve noticed some really great and thorough comments lately, and we appreciate all of them!
Most all bloggers know how valuable social bookmarking can be. The majority of our commentors wrote that they all use stumbleupon. If you aren’t using stumbleupon yet you are [...]

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