Aug 24 2007

Comment Friday for August 24th

Comment Friday back again so soon. I look forward to Fridays, getting so much response from everyone. This week I am going to try to comment more myself, so there should be more discussion. Don’t forget to check back a couple of times for everyone else’s comment!
If this is your first comment friday, the idea [...]

Aug 23 2007

Some Traffic is Better than No Traffic

Recently I changed around some of our social bookmarking links. I removed digg and reddit completely and added sphinn and plugim. The removal of digg was a simple decision, we are banned. Reddit was also removed because none of our articles ever got votes. It was basically a waste of space.
I was talking to Matt [...]

Aug 23 2007 Coupon Code for Promotion Discount

Internet shopping is all about convenience. You don’t even have to leave your comfy computer seat to buy what you want and need. Especially with the ever growing online services available, online shopping can be addictive.
Since the online market has become so big, you can often find promo codes, which urges you to shop at [...]

Aug 22 2007

Using Craigslist to Promote your Website

Not many bloggers utilize craigslist to promote their blogs. I have been using it for a few months now. I often publish several ads per week in different cities. Why should you use craigslist?
It’s Free

Free advertising is always good. It’s usually rare, but when you find it you should definitely take advantage of it. Creating [...]

Aug 21 2007

France Is This Way

France This Way is a blog they share their life about being an expat family in France.
What Is an Expat?
Well I had no idea either so I asked wikipedia
An expatriate (in abbreviated form, expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person’s upbringing or legal [...]

Aug 20 2007

2 Great Ways to Check Your Blog Health

You have a blog and you have been studiously writing useful posts and steadfastly replying to your readers’ comments. You have a good habit of linking to fellow bloggers and get delighted when someone links to you. You have also been working to get your posts to appear in search engines.
All these [...]

Aug 20 2007

Sphinn It

We’ve been Sphunn!
6 Spanking New WordPress Plugins You Haven’t Seen by K-IntheHouse made it to the front page of sphinn. This sent a nice flow of traffic. It was only the second article I submitted to sphinn, I just found this website. (not to mention the article also got 11 delicious saves, as well as [...]

Aug 19 2007

Triple.Com Review with a Special Offer is a newer domain registrar. They have been offering several promotions that I want to tell you about.
Triple Thoughts
First thing is they have a great domain name! The design is pretty simple, but thats good. No ads plastered all over my screen. They have some pretty good offers that I have already taken advantage [...]

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