Sep 19 2007

Join The 2,000 Word Project

Earlier this week I posted about how important community is for a blog and expressed how important it is to come up with interesting concepts in order to increase the community surrounding ones blog. In April 2007 I began a blog named “the Details,” a blog that was my ‘community’ experiment, and it proved to be successful.

I incorporated many ideas I had come up with, going so far as calling out John Chow himself in a “Evil John Chow Photoshop Contest” that received around 20 entries and inspiring blogger cooperation with my “2,000 words project.” The blog was receiving backlinks from popular bloggers, and was on a roll. It ended abruptly however because of a coding error by me, and my lazy nature not letting me repair it. At least until now.

The blog has been brought back alive by me, however I have went through and cleared out all but three post, leaving room to expand with new ideas. I have however left my 2,000 word project open and it is still running. If you want a free backlink to your site, follow the instructions on the page! I also pick at random from submissions and give the submitter a free review of their site, and will target keywords they want (PR4 Backlinks.)

I feel the 2,000 word project is a good way to gain readers (and a few backlinks *evil laugh*) so come join in!

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  1. Link And Earn said:

    Quite an ambitious contest. Best wishes.

    Folks, remember bragging at Link And Earn is good to your blogs health and wealth.

    September 20th, 2007 at 1:05 am


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