Sep 30 2007

Sell Your Cell for Cash

I’ve had a cell phone since junior high and I’m 21 now. Within that period plenty of my cell phones became old, outdated, and obsolete. Using Cell For Cash you can easily sell your outdated phones.I spent some time looking at checking how much they would actually pay me for my old phones. Since I’ve had quite a few Nokia cell phones I started there first. They don’t offer a lot of money for them, but it’s better than nothing (5-15$ range for ones I’ve owned). If it’s older than 2 years old you may not be able to sell it, but you can recycle your cell phone for free.

The process to sell your cell phone is simple. Select the cell phone you wish to sell, submit a form, and a free postage paid box will be sent to you. Once you send in the phone you can receive the $.

Win a Wii… Or Not

winawii.jpgI chose to review this website, not just for the unique idea of it, but I also thought it would be fun to promote their Wii contest. However I was pretty disappointed to find out there wasn’t a way to register. If you are trying to win a wii there is no entry form on that page. You can see a winners list, so they’ve given away prizes before. Good luck trying to enter…

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