Oct 31 2007

Bill Collector in a Box

Bloggers are always looking for something to make what we do easier. Thus, the creation of plugins, ebooks, and feed readers. The same goes for the rest of the world no matter what profession they are in. Technology is everyday.

With that I present the Bill Collector In A Box Website. Bill Collector in a Box or BCIAB provides tools for small businesses to collect debts. This product can be an essential tool to help run any small business ranging from landlords, to dentists and doctors. If you are exchanging money this could help you out.

This software helps you keep track of customers to ensure payment. If they don’t? You can report them to Shared Check Authorization Network (SCAN) for a bad check. This will also help ensure that you get the payment that they owe.

Their recent newsletter has a lot of new information about why you should use them. The program has really taken off after being featured in the Wall Street Journal.

The cost for the software is 99$ and just has been picked up by Office Depot. Not only can you order it online from them, you can get it at the store. They are carrying it in 1300 different locations.

Since there has been such a huge launch there has been a lot of questions regarding the product. Some of the questions are answered in the newsletter, but they are taking more questions, just drop an email.

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