Nov 13 2007 Now Hiring!

Text Link Brokers Now Hiring has an opening for an experienced link builder. They claim to be one of the largest and fastest growing link building /SEO companies in the world, so whoever gets accepted to this job will have their work cut out for them. Text Link Brokers (TLB) provide their services to thousands of companies worldwide. You will definitely need some experience to be considered for the job. The position they are looking to fill is Director of Strategic Link Building. Of course they are looking for the right person, so there are several requirements an applicant would need to fill.


  • Minimum of 4 years hands-on experience building links
  • Knowledge of the industry
  • Ability to create custom strategies of the resources TLB provides
  • Creativity to build the campaigns to be successful
  • Capacity to organize, manage and work with the a team
  • Be able to research and budget
  • Advanced knowledge of SEO

Those are just a few requirements, but that’s just like any job interview. For more Click Here for Job Details

The Salary

The person who is hired for this job will earn a 6 figure compensation package. Relocation expenses will be provided.

Incentive for You

If you don’t qualify for this job, like me, you can still get in on the money $. There is a $5,000 referral bonus for anyone who refers the winning candidate. I’m crossing my fingers for my 5 thousand! Start applying and make sure to tell them Blog about your Blog sent you!

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