Dec 29 2007

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We all should know what time of year it is by now. The final days of decorations and Christmas lights. The final days of unnecessary holiday cheer and courtesy and kindness towards family members that we can only tolerate for a limited time. Excuse me if I come across as a Grinch but, whatever.

I personally can’t wait till its over. I can’t wait to get this huge obstructive Christmas Tree out of my living room. I can’t wait to take down these ultra bright shiny Christmas lights that keep me up every night because someone had the brilliant idea to put them right outside the bedroom window. I can’t wait to get on to the real festivities, NEW YEARS EVE!

New Years eve can all but make up for a crappy Christmas holiday and give a little redemptive quality to the overuse of the term, “Season’s Greetings!” New Years even can pick up and turn a bad year around 180 degrees or at the least erase from your memory those things about the preceding year you would rather forget. This year, however, I’m taking a different approach. I plan to make it through the New Year absolutely and positively sober. *Gasp

You may wonder what this is all about well allow me to tell you. I stumbled across a very informative blog post in my usual web travels and it changed my perspective on all things blog (especially all things intoxicating). No, it wasn’t a preachy expose talking about the ills of drinking and warm testimonials from “Those who have been there” but it was about the thing a lot of us do almost every day. I can clearly trace the masses of confused faces in my mind after that last statement so let me continue.

The single dot I stumbled upon in the net matrix is a quaint (simply meaning clean) little blog know as At first I thought it was yet another one of those, “This is the way you blog” sites (Unlike the greatest of them all right here – Blog About Your Blog) but upon digging a little deeper beneath its digital surface I found an article that literally made me stand up out of my seat (Ok, it wasn’t that dramatic but you get my point.) The article talked about, not the ills of becoming physically intoxicated, but the ills and pitfalls of becoming INTOXICATED ON OUR OWN WORDS. Now this can either be taken at face value or you can look just a little deeper.

He talks about how writers have a special gift to make all who read their words become intoxicated and ready to buy whatever they want or even go as far as wearing a blue Santa hat on their head in June (Think the movie Perfume – If you haven’t seen get it at your local video store – lol – seriously). Writers who do this well will get their point across and retain the reader throughout the entire post. Writers who do this not so well will have their readers taking a detour after the first period. Its a delicate balance and the blog author Jonathan Morrow breaks it down exquisitely.

He gives tips on how to know if you’re drunk on your own words and how to redirect your time and energy if you realize that you are going to veer off that cliff. He breaks down all of the things that we bloggers do but points out some fine points that we may have never thought of. The blog post is called 7 Warning Signs That You’re Drunk on Your Own Words and tells exactly what the title suggests. I thought that it would be a perfect segue into the new year as all of us prepare for the night of festivities and reminiscing.

I’m gonna be sitting around sipping on a cool glass of ice and sprite laughing my head off at the others who did “a little bit too much”. In order for me to be this years designated driver I plan on bringing along printed out pages of my favorite BAYB posts and other blogs I frequent to fill in all of the dry spots. I plan on making it into the new year a calm and collected blogger (without exposing too much) and I plan on seeing you all here right after.

Be sure to give Mr. Morrow and his Copy Blogger Web site for more useful tips and articles (I promise that you won’t be disappointed). In closing, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of 2007 and transition gracefully into 2008 and remember…


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