Dec 24 2007

Domaining is Bloggers New Pastime

For some blogging has become more and more about making money and turning a profit. For the most part, bloggers have been able to turn a profit from their blogs. Domains are cheap and hosting can be found at bargains.
Since bloggers have been able to turn a profit on one blog, they use that formula [...]

Dec 24 2007

Some Extra Cash for Christmas

It might be Christmas Eve but that doesn’t mean the dozens of blog contests going on right now across the internet have stopped. Why in less than 24 hours you could have won a brand new Nintendo Wii, and in just a few days you might have $50 more cash in your pocket.
A Nintendo Wii
The [...]

Dec 23 2007

Leaving the pack to follow the flock: A Browser Fairy Tale

Well, in case you didn’t notice the web is now almost an adult and as a functional adult you must learn proper communication. Now you can make phone calls, send emails, watch movies, buy groceries, look at porn (I don’t do that) all on the web. An entire world of adult activity to make adult life that much more simple. The web is now more social. There are blogs and things like Myspace, Twitter, Delicious, Facebook, etc, all these ways of doing one simple thing, communicate.

Dec 22 2007

Another NeverblueAds Contest

NeverblueAds was very generous in sponsoring our contest and now have decided to sponsor fellow blogger Tyler Cruz’s Contest.
In this contest they will be awarding 6 people each 50$. Yes, it’s another 300$ giveaway!
To enter simply subscribe to Tyler Cruz’s RSS feed by email. He will select 6 winners from his subscribers. It ends in [...]

Dec 21 2007

Blogging Goals for 2008

Usually bloggers set up monthly goals and cross them off as they go. However, I haven’t been too goal oriented, I’ve just always had an idea where I want to go. As well as how far this blog should be along. So far I am very pleased with the blog, our authors, the community, and [...]

Dec 20 2007

Christmas Contest Winners Chosen

I’ve been working on getting the winners picked, to make sure we can get them their money before before Christmas. I want to thank NeverblueAds for being so generous and sponsoring this contest for us and our readers. It’s not too late to Join NeverblueAds and start your affiliate account. There are tons of offers [...]

Dec 19 2007

AuctionAds Popular Keywords Feature

I haven’t really promoted much with AuctionAds, because it didn’t do well on sites like this one. However after posting about AuctionAds Giving Out 25$ for New Members I received several referrals that earned us some money. You can still get 25$ for joining AuctionAds.
New Keyword Feature
For those blogs who have a hard time using [...]

Dec 18 2007

Get the Scoop on Your Blog

I’m having one of those days where I just can’t come up with anything of value about blogging. Instead, I decided to share a domain and site value tool with you. It’s called DnScoop and it’s owned by my new AIM buddy, Badi Jones.

What’s The Scoop?
DnScoop gives you different values for domain names. After running [...]

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