Jan 31 2008

Optimize your Google Adwords PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click “PPC” campaigns can be tricky. Sometimes the keywords you want to use are too expensive, or your quality score is low. When your score is low the keywords can cost as much as 10$ per click. If like me, you’ve had very little success with PPC, you should optimize.
Optimize Campaign
A new feature [...]

Jan 30 2008

Project Wonderful Review and Tips

Project Wonderful is another ad service that bloggers can utilize easily. It is another “wonderful” widget that is easy to use, for the most part. I took an “un-monetized” spot of our blog, in-between our Topspots and Blogroll and turned it into a money maker.
Project Wonderful

Project Wonderful is a great resource to use if you [...]

Jan 29 2008

BloggingZoom Burning Bloggers

Blogging Zoom has definitely evolved into it’s own mini social media site. Many bloggers I know use it or have in the past. Getting to the front page is easy, everyone can always use a few extra visitors per day. However, has that gone to their heads?

Blogging Zoom Copy and Paste
Blogging Zooms submission process for [...]

Jan 29 2008

Out with the Old, In with the New Blogging Forums

Promotion and discussion on forums can definitely help your traffic as well as web presence. I’ve even tried to run my own forum however it proved to be too time consuming and difficult to fight the spam bots. The benefits of forums are great and I really wanted to tap into that area.
Instead I’ve tried [...]

Jan 28 2008

Affiliate Marketing with Incentivizable Campaigns

Lately I have been trying to break into affiliate marketing. I’ve written about Pepperjam and Promoting and Earning Money with Affiliate Programs. In that article I mention referring yourself to affiliate offers to earn money. However, I didn’t mention incentivizable campaigns.
Incentivizable Campaigns
Basically what incentivizable campaigns are, are campaigns where you can reward people for completing [...]

Jan 27 2008

VidSearchLive Video Search Engine

Search engines provide one of the biggest tools in the world right now. Information can be delivered to you in a matter of seconds. With so many people getting as much information as they want, the information then sometimes becomes popular. Such as internet videos. Some people have become internet celebrities due to their videos. [...]

Jan 25 2008

Forget Page Rank

The following article was written by Ryan from Blogging4Everyone dot Com.
Page Rank should be made a thing of the past. I am a blogger, who blogs for the pure fact that my blogs are fun for me to maintain. I NEVER feel obligated to blog on a day where I am sick, too [...]

Jan 25 2008

Comment Friday for January 25th

Things have been pretty consistent here. Posts have been good as well as our rss count. Project Wonderful, is still working out for us (advertise for only .60 cents a day right now). I hope to have a review prepared next week. In the entrecard shop we have banner space back up for sale (500 [...]

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