Jan 5 2008

MyBlogLog Pro Subscription Winner

The MyBlogLog contest was good for them sparking interest back into the old community site. MyBloglog has lost some ground with other new sites coming up like BlogCatalog as well as Entrecard really being a force in the blogosphere.

The contest was even better for those who won, and were close to winning. Feedest edged out my friend over at SEOLogs, for the win. Leo from Feedest won loads of prizes and has also decided to give some of them away.

The first prize that has come up for grabs is a One Year Pro Mybloglog Subscription. The value is worth about 25$ and it basically just offers real time stats for your blog. On Thursday I received a message notifying it that we won!

Since winning I had to reinstall the code for MyBlogLog, I had removed everything completely. Might as well give MBL another chance!

Thanks to Leo for giving us the prize, we haven’t won anything in a while.

Who’s the Feedest?

Feedest is actually an interesting website, so I thought why not tell you a little bit about the site. Feedest is a website where you basically can share your blog feed. You can check out that Blog about your Blog page on feedest. It displays our feed as well as how many saves and views we have.

After you register to feedest make sure to save our blog and I will do the same for you. As you can see we haven’t had many views on Feedest however I believe the more saves and tags you have, the better it is ranked.

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