Jan 10 2008

Weightloss Ebook for Bloggers

I have mentioned before my efforts to lose weight. Being a blogger isn’t the best job to have when you are bigger or getting big. There isn’t much physical activity involved. One week of working a “real” job that I was on my feet 9 hours a day, I lost weight easily.

I’ve mentioned trying the master cleanse diet which isn’t exactly the healthiest way to lose weight. It was hard to keep the pounds off as well. Due to the recent chaos and holidays my weight hasn’t exactly stayed down due to it all.

After I started messenging to Israel of Fat Man Unleashed he mentioned he was releasing an ebook for bloggers to lose weight. Just by mentioning that I was on board! His blog is basically about healthy weight loss so it made perfect sense to write the ebook.

bloggproofworkoutcover.jpgWeightloss Ebook

Israel is the perfect one to write an ebook and share his experience. His blog is doing quite well with over 700 rss feed readers. So far he’s already lost 44 pounds!

The great thing about his ebook is that you can do whatever you want on it. There isn’t any specific time or order. The idea is just to set aside just a few minutes a day, whatever you can spare (15 minutes?).

The Workouts

What’s unique about these workouts are you are using the materials that surround you everyday. Your computer chair (or fart catcher as Israel says) is the focus of several routines, like chair squats. If you are like me you don’t have a full workout station at your disposal, so use what you have.

The technology game, puts values on how many phone calls and emails you receive. These values are given by pushups. So every time you get some work done, take a break and do some pushups! Even those who have a laptop there is a section just for you.

For more information about weightloss check out his blog. What he seems to enjoy most is being real with his readers. He doesn’t sugarcoat being “fat”. He tells it like it is and how he is going to change that and get to his ideal weight.

Take a look for yourself at Fat Man Unleashed and get his free ebook.

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    [...] seen Israel featured on Blog about your Blog. A few months ago we covered the release of his blogger workout ebook. The ebook features workouts especially for bloggers. There are great ways to lose weight and [...]

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