Jan 13 2008

Weekly Contest Roundup for Jan 13

Another week, another set of contests for you to enter and possibly win. Here’s my picks from Contest Beat over the past week.

$100 Cash

This one is nice and easy and you can enter in a number of different ways from subscribing to the RSS, blogging about the contest or even making a comment. Just make sure you enter before the end of the month!

A Coffee Machine

Although this one is for Canada and US residents only, the prize is still pretty cool. Le Gourmet TV have a Grind Central Coffee Grinder to give away and entering is as simple as watching a video and then answering a question. Check out the details here.

1,000 GB Monthly Hosting

I thought this hosting competition was special because instead of the usual $5/month hosting that most people givwe away they have a 1GB diskspace, 1,000 GB transfer account up for grabs. To enter you need to subscribe to an RSS feed.

A Pair of $1,500 Diamond Earrings

Goldsmith Jewelry have a pair of nice diamond earrings to give away and entering is as simple as blogging about their site and also the contest. The contest closes on February 4 at which time a winner will be voted upon (not sure I agree with that), but a nice prize nonetheless!

Don’t forget to check out Contest Beat for all the latest contests, you never know, you might make some money, win a Wii, whatever! 

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  1. sir jorge said:

    i would like a coffee machine

    January 14th, 2008 at 11:27 am


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