Jan 27 2008

VidSearchLive Video Search Engine

Search engines provide one of the biggest tools in the world right now. Information can be delivered to you in a matter of seconds. With so many people getting as much information as they want, the information then sometimes becomes popular. Such as internet videos. Some people have become internet celebrities due to their videos. Stars such as Will Ferrell have used videos to go viral and become even more popular.

Introducing Vid Search Live

Vidsearchlive is an internet Video Search Engine that gets videos from MySpace, MetaCafe, Veoh & Yahoo all from one location. This provides all the videos you want to get and search for all in the ease of one website. What I think will turn webmasters on to this is that you can then embed the videos onto your own website or blog.

This technique is used for other things such as searching for popular articles, pictures, etc all in one place. The is the first I’ve seen with videos.

Apparently YouTube didn’t appreciate their videos being displayed onĀ  other sites, and have banned external script feeds. This means it will no longer work on VidSearch. I would recommend VidSearch remove them all together from their website. No reason to still have the ability to search them and get nothing.

On top of videos you can also search for music and listen to it on the website. It pulls from Esnips (which I’ve never heard of) the problem with it is it gives you the song several times. I found several titles that wouldn’t play when I searched for them.

With internet users looking to get even more information faster, I think we will see a lot of these type of sites emerge in all types of different categories.

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