Jan 24 2008

Search Engine Traffic Is Easy With Tech Support Posts

Traffic from search engines is the blogging gift that keeps on giving. You can find yourself receiving a steady flow of new visitors to your blog each day once you have a post ranking high in search engine results. Of course, it’s not easy to get on the first page of Google for a search [...]

Jan 23 2008

Shopaholic at Entrecard

Entrecard’s best idea (besides trying to change the price system. JC is almost off the most popular list, ridiculous) is the entrecard shop. However, the first batch of sellers were really lacking. The items consisted of worthless raffles that weren’t appealing at all. They were just more attempts at gaming the system trying to get [...]

Jan 22 2008

Conduct Interviews For Easy Content and Traffic

There comes a time when every blog owner looks for the easy way out for their next post. You might be short on time or, even worse, running out of ideas. Regardless of your circumstances, posting an interview with an interesting subject is a really easy way to generate content and get traffic to your [...]

Jan 21 2008

How Often Does Google Crawl You?

As niche blogs become even more popular, the reliance on google for bloggers is at a new and different high. Much of the traffic for certain niche blogs come from search engines, mainly google. So when (and how much) does google crawl you?
Add your website to SeoMeter, and start to keep track of search engine’s [...]

Jan 20 2008

Create Your Own E Store with Wholesale

As bloggers expand their base to include other blogs, affiliates and merchandise, opportunities are endless. You can make “internet entrepreneur” your official job title, you just have to work at it. Lately I have been experimenting and making money with affiliate programs, however, is that enough?

Be Your Own Affiliate
The problem with affiliate programs is that [...]

Jan 18 2008

Comment Friday for January 18th

Blogging has been great this month, we’ve already earned a nice amount of cash, due to taking our ads privately. I hope to further monetize our blog with our same methods as well as incorporate some new things. I have given Project Wonderful a shot on our sidebar.
If this is your first Comment Friday we [...]

Jan 17 2008

PepperJam Affiliate Network Already Viral

A huge benefit of being ‘one of the A list’ is getting tipped off about launches of major websites before it happens. Obviously I’m not A-list yet, because I wasn’t tipped off (lol). With a great pre-launch, PepperJam has already gone viral by being picked up by several bigger blogs.
PepperJam Already the Best?

This PepperJam network [...]

Jan 16 2008

Getting Tipped by Scratchback

Mark wrote about Scratchback for us a while back, when it was starting to catch some steam. Since late November we’ve been displaying a top spots widget on our blog. Last night before going to sleep I received a nice email. It was my payment of 35.62$.
Scratchback vs Blogrush
It makes me curious when bloggers have [...]

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