Feb 29 2008

Comment Friday for February 29th

Sorry I am late on putting up Comment Friday yet again. By the time I was going to post it everyone was asleep. Apparently I type loud. Anyways, this week I am back on a diet and have already lost 8 pounds. The first two days I lost 7!
If this is your first Comment Friday [...]

Feb 28 2008

Google Reinclusion Gave Me a Pagerank 0

Ever since we lost our Pagerank 4 to 3 it has bothered me. Especially because we deserve a 4, 5, or 6. In December I filed my first reinclusion request after spending hours deleting sponsored posts, changing text and adding “nofollow” to some links. All that work didn’t help and our Pagerank remained the same.
Two [...]

Feb 27 2008

Make Money From Your Guest Posts

With the sponsored post era ended or at least put on hold, I’ve had to make money different ways. A lot of my earnings have been through affiliate marketing, hired posting, google adsense, and guest posting (in that order).
How Can You Make Money Guest Posting?
Blogging is a weird industry when it comes to making money [...]

Feb 26 2008

A Thumbs Down Kills Stumble Traffic

Yesterday I wrote about how you can Earn Money for your Social Media Votes. People are willing to pay you to vote for your votes. I thought it would be a great article for getting a little stumble traffic. However, a thumbs down killed it.
The topic of selling your votes is a controversial one, especially [...]

Feb 25 2008

Earn Money for your Social Media Votes

Social media traffic is a nice boost for any website or blog. However, sometimes it’s hard to come by. This will lead for people to even pay for it. If you can ‘buy’ 50 votes on digg, you are bound to get some front page action, depending on your topic.
‘Sell Your Votes’

Subvert and Profit has [...]

Feb 25 2008

Earning Update with Scratchback

Ever since I started using scratchback I have liked the results. It’s a simple widget that is a great idea. Sell no-follow links!
On January 15th, I received a payment of $35.62 and wrote a short post about Getting Tipped by Scratchback. A lot of people were interested in how scratchback was performing and continued to [...]

Feb 24 2008

BAYB Quick Links

I haven’t done many of these posts, but there are a few things around the blogosphere I wanted to mention.
I’m a T-Shirt Winner!
I won a SilentPillow.com t-shirt from Derek Semmler. He must like me, because this is the second t-shirt I’ve won on his blog. The contest was easy, I just had to comment. His [...]

Feb 24 2008

Contest Roundup: February 24th

Dear BAYB readers, this week you have the chance to win cash: more than $100 dollars, with almost no effort. Use your blog and enter these easy blog competitions:
$100 from Contest Blogger
This is the simplest one. Put a permanent link back to Contest Blogger homepage (in your blogroll or in a post), send him a [...]

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