Feb 22 2008

The Benefits of Comment Friday

I’m really late with Comment Friday, so I thought I’d do something a little different. I wanted to write about Comment Friday and the benefits of it.
For those who don’t know what it is, it’s pretty simple. On fridays I post a random question or thought about something. I ask the visitors of our blog [...]

Feb 21 2008

Start Affiliate Marketing to Friends and Family

I’ve read some recent ’success’ stories of bloggers gaining RSS subscribers by asking friends and family to subscribe and read their blog. They proved that 100 readers is achievable in a month or less with this method.
The same thing method can work for affiliate marketing.
The Setup
The first thing you must do is apply to several [...]

Feb 20 2008

8 Reasons To Link Our Blog Today

People seem to be very interested when I tell them I blog and make money online. When I explained blogging I mention the Technorati system. The more blogs link to you, the better you are ranked. We are currently ranked in the top 5,000, but why not higher? Here are 8 reasons you should link [...]

Feb 19 2008

HealthRanker: Social Media Health News

Health is a growing awareness that everyone seems to be focusing on. From tv, to radio and now to blogs, nearly everyone seems to be trying to get healthier.
For that very reason, Israel of Fat Man Unleashed has released his new social media website, Healthranker. Healthranker allows bloggers, webmasters and users to submit health related [...]

Feb 18 2008

Why Widgets Scare Me

I recently turned down an opportunity to publicize and receive reviews from Bloggers Showroom, because they require putting a widget on your blog. They require putting a widget on your blog. I respectfully declined, widgets just aren’t for me. Too many widgets scare me, I don’t even use the MyBlogLog Recent Readers widget anymore.
Too Many [...]

Feb 17 2008

Contest Roundup: February 17th

Welcome back to BAYB Contest Roundup! Your blog needs a blog contest: this week you have the chance to win an iPod Touch 16Gb, free music for it and free cash! Plus Entrecard Credits. Let’s go:
Apple Ipod Touch 16GB
Titan Poker Bonus Code, a site about Titan Poker where you can read an extensive Titan Poker [...]

Feb 16 2008

PayPerPost TOS Change Favors New Blogs

Katy from I’m Blogging That wrote an interesting post about Ted Murphy of PPP/Izea. The covered several aspects of PPP and Ted Murphy, which inspired me to write this post. Ted Murphy is one of the only ones who has been able to evolve sponsored posting to what it is today. Several services have failed [...]

Feb 15 2008

Comment Friday for February 15th

I’m updating this late on Valentines Night. I hope everyone had a safe and fun V-day. I’ve been trying to take care of everyone because we are all sick. Everything else has been going pretty well and I hope the same for you.
If this is your first Comment Friday we give one lucky person a [...]

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