Mar 31 2008

Spending Money in the Blogosphere: Articles or Advertising?

My marketing budget generally isn’t that big, yet. The money I make goes into living, bills, etc. However I have purchased reviews, banners and links in the past.
Where Should You Invest Your Money?
This is a classic chicken and the egg theory that many bloggers have debated about. Some argue that with the right content, readers [...]

Mar 30 2008

Contest Roundup: March 30th

Today we have only the big blog contests. Below a collection of the hugest on line competitions you have ever seen, there’s no reasons to hesitate.
Etienne Teo
Prizes for $5641 from Etienne! Cash, blog reviews, advertising space, Wordpress themes, entrecard credits, take a look at the site for full list. To enter you have to [...]

Mar 28 2008

Comment Friday for March 28th

I just got back from a game of mini-golf. On the ride I realized I had to write up Comment Friday! I’ve got a big to-do list around here so let’s get started.
If this is your first Comment Friday we give one lucky person a free weekly blogroll spot as our “blog of the week“. [...]

Mar 27 2008

Adding FeedFlares To Your Blog

I stress to any new blogger and any blogger in general, that social media and networking is important. If your post can be popular on certain social media websites it can be very beneficial. We’ve just giving you the basic rules for social media and three new social media sites for bloggers. Now, to publicize!
What [...]

Mar 26 2008

Linkshare Affiliate Network

LinkShare is another good affiliate network that I frequently use. Linkshare reminds me of Commission Junction, they have similar affiliates to promote. It’s surprising that I haven’t seen many bloggers use and promote Linkshare.
Using Linkshare
LinkShare is a pretty basic affiliate network with tons of different affiliates to promote. The reason I joined was that there [...]

Mar 25 2008

3 Social Media Websites Good for Bloggers

Some social media websites, like Digg, are becoming increasingly difficult for bloggers to have their articles go popular. I have been using alternatives which have worked fine for us. Now that you know the basic rules for social media sites you can be successful on any social media website. Here are three that you [...]

Mar 24 2008

6 Rules for Social Media Websites

With Delores’ recent trouble with Sphinn, I thought I’d write a quick guideline to follow for social media and social bookmarking sites. Here are six basic rules and tips for a successful social media user account.

Always Read Their Rules
Each social media website will have a different set of rules. This is a given, but sometimes [...]

Mar 23 2008

Are You Backing Up Your Blog?

One thing you cannot ignore about your blog is backing up the data. You don’t want to wake up to find your hosting mess up the backups and you have lost all your data.
Relax. I know just the thought of that would make a hard working blogger like you shudder.
I had written a detailed post [...]

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