Mar 16 2008

The Amatureist Financial Journey – Jason Crews

I first found Jason Crew’s blog from the contest he had in February. Sadly we didn’t win, but that’s okay. There is always this month!

March Contests and Promotions

Advertise on the Amatureist Financial Journey, and donate to charity at the same time!I’m always for helping out a good cause. At Jason’s Blog he is dedicating March to give back. All the advertising from his ad space is going to charity. The charity will be selected from a public poll. I started the bidding at $1 so get your bids in.

The other part of his March Promotions is the March Contest, Blog Scavenger Hunt. The prize will be anywhere from $5 to $100 (amazon gift card) depending on the number of entrants. Answer easy questions to be eligible. Hope there is a question about BAYB coming up!

The Amatureist Financial Journey in Review

What is it about?

“I started this blog with the idea to keep all of my research on financial issues in one place, and to facilitate the sharing of that information with others.

I am not a financial expert. What you see is what you get with this site. That said, I hope you find some or all of the information I have compiled useful and interesting.”

I thought I would also add what I like and dislike about the blog.

I dislike the theme, its pretty busy and simple. He might want to go with a two column theme in the future. It just needs to be cleaned up a bit. Of course a nice custom header would be a nice addition. I’d also like to see more updates and maybe the number of posts on the front page condensed.

I like that everything is pretty easy to navigate through. The categories and archives as well as lots of tabs are prominent. The feed and advertising is right there, not overdone with it. I haven’t gotten deep in the content yet, but I have a few favorite posts already.

A huge thing with his blog is that it needs more of a direction. There are many different categories and things involved. Tons of contest updates. Spend more time updating and marketing your contests, but not on your own blog.

Favorite Posts

Pay Per Post Nightmare – Any avid user seems to have had some problem or another with PPP. I can only imagine that they are losing more of their regular users due to these problems.

Share In a Frame – This is an interesting concept. Basically giving stock certificates as a gift. I would imagine this be great for grandparents for grandkids.

Top 5 Hardcore Investing Blogs – These type of posts are what the audience want. I think its a great type of post with great viral potential. I stumbled it, give it a look.


Make sure to give Jason a read and subscribe to his rss feed for more updates. Don’t forget to bid for charity and get a little advertising in the process.

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