Apr 30 2008

ShoppingAds Still Making Money

Once AuctionAds moved to ShoppingAds I pretty much was done with their service. I had made enough to cash out so I wasn’t really trying to keep promoting it. These ads are good for some blogs and niches, but not seemingly for blogs like this.
Revisiting ShoppingAds
A few weeks/months went by. I figured I should check [...]

Apr 29 2008

BAYB News April 29th

Today is a lazy day for us, I got too much sun yesterday here in sunny San Diego. It’s been almost 100 degrees here! We are also waiting for some packages (birthday gifts!). I figured I would take it easy today and tell you about some upcoming BAYB things we have going on.
Upcoming Contest
In celebration [...]

Apr 29 2008

Google PR Updating Again

Court let the blogosphere know this morning that Google seems to be updating PR. So far we are still sticking at PR3. However, some of my other domains seem to be upgrading to a higher PR.
The highest reported seems to be Daily Blog Tips with a strong PR 7.
My twitter seems to be going crazy [...]

Apr 28 2008

Do You Remember the Mylot Fad?

Mylot was a huge blogging fad, it seemed everyone joined and promoted it. It was a great thing for bloggers, because commission was easy. I made about $30 with little effort before my earnings fell off. I still have 30 cents pending.
Mylot was a huge blogging topic about a year ago. Every make money blogger [...]

Apr 27 2008

Contest Roundup: April 27th

It’s contest time again. Check out these easy contests, and may the luck be with you…
Traffic Contest at Dat Money
Do you need more visitors for your blog? Don’t miss this new contest from Dat Money and increase your traffic! You have the chance to be reviewed by one of the most popular blogs (BAYB [...]

Apr 26 2008

Blogging’s Best Buys

I’m always looking for a deal online. Yesterday I had to renew a domain with Godaddy, the first thing I did was search for Godaddy coupon codes. Here are some great deals around the internet for your blogging needs.
The Domain
I use Godaddy for all my domain name purchases. I currently have about 5-6 domains registered [...]

Apr 25 2008

Comment Friday for April 25th

What a long week! We are getting ready to go to Las Vegas and hopefully do a contest here at BAYB. May is a huge month for me so I hope we can keep the flow going.
If this is your first Comment Friday we give one lucky person a free weekly blogroll spot as our [...]

Apr 24 2008

Making Enemies on Social Media

I find it pretty silly to make enemies or rivals on the internet. I can understand competition respectively, but arguing, fighting and sabotage online? Sounds pretty ridiculous to me.
I’ve Successfully Made Enemies
I found an interesting social media website not too long ago and posted about it. It was called Cybercreeps (it’s no longer in service). [...]

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