Apr 29 2008

BAYB News April 29th

Today is a lazy day for us, I got too much sun yesterday here in sunny San Diego. It’s been almost 100 degrees here! We are also waiting for some packages (birthday gifts!). I figured I would take it easy today and tell you about some upcoming BAYB things we have going on.

Upcoming Contest

In celebration of my girlfriend Emmas 21st birthday (and my 22, yeah im getting old! lol) I want to do a May contest. I hope I can give away some items everyday for a week. We only have so many prizes to give away here, we would love some sponsors.

Please contact us if you are interested. Each sponsor will get a nice mention on their day.

Affiliate Program

We just started playing with the OIOPublisher wordpress plugin. There are plenty of great features that can make monetizing your blog easy. Use the coupon code QWERTY-17 to save $17 on the plugin! You can buy it now for only $20.

The plugin comes fully equipped with what I’ve always wanted. An affiliate program.

For our affiliates we are offering 20% for referring advertisers to us. You can earn up to $10 if you refer someone to buy a $50 review!

There will be more information provided as I make it easier to purchase links directly. Go ahead and register as an affiliate!

Guest Posters

Blog about your Blog started off with several authors contributing on a regular basis. I think thats what made it unique and exciting. That participation has dropped off and we are always looking for more quality authors.

We are headed to Vegas from May 9-11 and we have prior birthday plans before that. I’d really like to get some more authors posting in here.

If you are interested please contact me so we can get you set-up.

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  1. Missy Diaz said:

    I have the OIO plugin, and it is very cool, lots of good uses.

    Jeez! You’re 22, and thinking your old. LOL. That is hilarious, Matt.

    April 29th, 2008 at 1:14 pm
  2. Forest Parks said:

    I’d be interested in a guest post. Have not done one for a long while.

    April 29th, 2008 at 3:17 pm


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