Apr 23 2008

Getting More Subscribers with Free Promotions

Contests have become a bigger tool for getting more subscribers than I had imagined. Now everyone is throwing huge contests. Giving away $10,000 in prizes is definitely hard to match. I haven’t even tried.
We hosted our first contest nearly a year ago. Yet our last contest was more than 4 months ago. I’d really like [...]

Apr 22 2008

Celebrating Earth Day

Growing up, Earth day was just another day. Teachers usually lectured not to waste water and recycle cans. It was never really stressed and seemed very, well, unimportant. This year it’s been huge. It’s been Earth day all month long!

On The Earth Day Bandwagon
It seems tons of big companies have jumped on the Earth day [...]

Apr 21 2008

I’m Twittering – Are You?

Twitter has become a big topic on the internet. I’ve found that I am not really good with change. Up until a few days ago, I thought twitter was a picture sharing website. I thought it was basically like a Myspace + Photobucket rolled into one. Boy was I wrong.
What is Twitter?
Well twitter is not [...]

Apr 20 2008

Contest Roundup: April 20th

Welcome back, dear contest lovers…Today cash and free advertising for you. Let’s begin…
Cash from My Link Story
My Link Story is a place where you have a chance to show gratitude to your favorite blogs and web sites using your creative writing skills. Put them into a story form (see a sample entry) and then submit [...]

Apr 19 2008

Saturday Blogging Quick Links – Full of Drama

There have been a few interesting articles and debates surrounding the blogosphere.
45n5 put together the value of the top money making blogs. That list values BAYB at about $11,000. Don’t worry we don’t plan on selling anytime soon.
Ryan Shamus did his own thing doing a round-up of of the top 100 make money online blogs. [...]

Apr 18 2008

Comment Friday for April 18th

This week our Mixx article definitely took of which I was kind of surprised about. We are also just getting ready for Vegas for May. I am going to try to get a contest together and if anyone is in Vegas, please let me know. We are staying at the Gold Coast from May 9-11.
If [...]

Apr 17 2008

Everything You Need to Know About Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is by far the bloggers favorite social media website. At least it seems to be with the readers of BAYB. I personally love stumbleupon as well as reading and writing about it. I’ve compiled all of the posts here at BAYB about stumbleupon, as well as a few others.

Stumbleupon Now Using Captchas for Reviews
Send [...]

Apr 16 2008

5 Indepth Blogging Tips

When I put together 23 Things I’ve Learned Blogging (with Carl’s help) I received a lot of great comments. One of the comments was by George Manty of Can I Make Big Money Online. He stated that there were 5 of those blogging lessons that are most important.
1. What’s In It For Me?
For a blogger [...]

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