May 30 2008

Comment Friday for May 30th

We’ve been busy here, working on several new blogs hoping to hit the Google SEO jackpot. In the meantime we’ve been doing our best to keep updated here. Make sure to check out our latest posts if you’ve missed any.
If this is your first Comment Friday we give one lucky person a free weekly blogroll [...]

May 29 2008

6 Ways To Make Friends Online

We’ve found 5 ways to make enemies online, something I wouldn’t exactly recommend. By doing so our ‘enemies’ have found a way to get us penalized by Stumbleupon which has resulted in a huge traffic loss. So why don’t we play nice for a while and make some friends.
Respond to Comments
If you can treat your [...]

May 27 2008

Linking To And From Digital Point Could Be Bad for SEO

Digital Point is a massive webmaster related forum. There are thousands of users that log on daily to discuss different ways to make money online, as well as being able to buy and sell links. I’ve been able to make thousands of dollars just using Digital Point alone.
With that being said, using the site itself [...]

May 26 2008

NeverBlueAds Pays Up And Then Some

NeverBlueAds was one of the first affiliate networks that I joined and actually used. Their freebie offers are perfect for some of my blogs. It took some time but I’ve reached over $100+ in earnings (almost$200), with the number being steady each month.
However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, for a while I was no [...]

May 25 2008

Contest Roundup: May 25th

Welcome back, contests are waiting you! First of all, don’t forget DNXpert giveaway with incredible prizes! Cash, domain names, free advertising and more! BAYB is one of the sponsors! Here are more blog contests from around the blogosphere:
Cash from IMBlogger
IMBlogger is giving away a total of $600 dollars (PayPal) for three lucky winners. You only [...]

May 24 2008

Garry Conn is the New Cow, Isn’t It Obvious?

John Cow became a funny parody of John Chow. Several had the idea, but only one has been able to successfully run with the idea. Bob Jones, formerly of, found a way to successful brand John Cow into a real money maker and authority in the blogging niche.
By doing that he has been able [...]

May 22 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my 22nd birthday! I was just looking up last years birthday when I turned 21, it was great to see all those comments.
My birthday is a little different, last year it was spent at a funeral, so it’s all I can think about this year. So hopefully I can take my mind off [...]

May 21 2008

Network Bloggers with Instant Messaging

Any successful blogger will tell you that it’s very important to network with other bloggers. Blogging is very social, networking can take you to the next step. Getting another blogger in your network is basically giving you another resource whether you need a link, post, or vote that is potentially one quick message away.
Instant Messaging
Contacting [...]

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