May 1 2008

Top Articles for April

April has surprisingly been a down month for us. Our RSS readers continue to increase (thank you!) but our traffic has been the lowest it’s been in a while. Still pushing about 10,000 visitors I’m always looking for more readers.

Here is the best for the month, some of these articles might of been overlooked.

Bloggers Guide to SEO: This article definitely was in the making for a while. I think it is very helpful for newer bloggers, or those who aren’t practicing SEO. Even some novice bloggers found the guide useful. Yes, I am working on a follow-up!

Could Mixx Be the Next Digg?: This article caught fire on social media thanks to some great submissions. Mixx is one of my new favorite social media sites. It’s not sending a lot of traffic, but it’s still fun to use. Make sure to join the new Blog about your Blog Mixx Group.

5 Indepth Blogging Tips: Blogging tips are usually a nice quick read. We put together 5 quick tips with the help from one of our readers.

How to Retire at 21: This was an interesting blog review of Retire @ 21. This website and blog I definitely enjoy so make sure to read the review.

Making Enemies on Social Media: This post was a little difficult. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to write it. We’ve obviously been penalized by Stumbleupon due to some “enemies” which is very unfortunate. Who would of thought we got negative criticism on that post as well? Do we really complain that much?

Hope you all enjoy our best and favorite posts for the month. We appreciate all of your comments so keep them coming!

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  1. Some Interesting Reads For Today wrote:

    [...] Top Articles For AprilĀ - Matthew from has compiled a list of all the posts he wrote in April, so there you go, all the best of the month in one single post. SEO, MIxx, Retire @ 21, just a few of the topics that are more than worth it. [...]

    May 2nd, 2008 at 6:17 pm


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