May 6 2008

Contest Day Two: Advertising for Donations

I’m definitely excited about this weeks contests. Our first day has already seen about 15 entries with another two days left. It’s not too late to win a t-shirt for being a RSS subscriber.

Contest Day Two

Today will be a little bit different. Last year about this time was the one time I’ve ever asked for donations. Well, I am doing it again. This time with more of a “reward”.

This ‘contest’ will be the only one involving donations. It is not a raffle, but more of a thank you for those who are interested in sending a few bucks our way from paypal. Don’t forget it’s my birthday, we are headed to Las Vegas!


Like I said we are looking for ‘donations’ for our little trip. The minimum donation is $1. For those who donate we are offering several perks.

Everyone who donates at least $1 will receive a permanent link on this post as a thank you.

One random person who donates at least $1 will receive a ‘free’ 125×125 banner for one month.

One person who donates at least $1 will receive a RSS footer listing about their blog for a month.

The top three donors will get a month blogroll listing.

We appreciate every donation and we are expecting a great Las Vegas trip. If anyone wants to put up a prize for this particular contest let me know.

To donate please send your $ to or feel free to use the donate now button.

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