May 29 2008

6 Ways To Make Friends Online

We’ve found 5 ways to make enemies online, something I wouldn’t exactly recommend. By doing so our ‘enemies’ have found a way to get us penalized by Stumbleupon which has resulted in a huge traffic loss. So why don’t we play nice for a while and make some friends.

Respond to Comments

If you can treat your readers like you already know them, that is recipe for an easy friendship. When people leave comments you already have their name (usually) and email address. This allows you to either contact them on the comments, or directly.

Perfect for a quick email, thanks for the comment, by the way… [insert plug]

Utilize Sites Like MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog was essential in growing our network and readership. I used to spend a lot of time building up our MyBlogLog group.

Now there are plenty of other networking sites you can use. The most popular one now seems to be twitter. Everyone is twittering everything they do. Its a great way to get to know people and make friends online.

Submit Links to Social Media

Not your own links, users in similar online communities as yours. Instead of trying to ‘take out’ the competition, give them a boost every once in a while, they may do the same for you. If I find someone submitting some of our content, I usually always end up some comminucation with them as well as social media friend requests.

Link to Fellow Bloggers in Posts

There is nothing better than finding out someone liked your post enough to link to it. So why not show some of your favorite bloggers that you value their content and link to it. You can even make a round-up link post and link to several of your favorites.

Contact Anyone and Everyone

This one is kind of tricky. Some people can do this very well, however sometimes it comes off as spam. I can almost always tell when someone is just mass producing contact emails and it’s a huge turn off for me. I appreciate the time it takes, however to me, it’s spam. Isn’t email marketing spamming?

Instant Messaging

Getting someone on instant messaging (IM) can be a powerful way to network. After writing about Networking with Bloggers on Instant Messaging, I gained several new bloggers on my buddy list. That was just with writing about it.

Contacting bloggers through IM is the easiest and in my opinion the best way to network and make friends online. It’s very informal, so it’s easy to talk to people you don’t know.

How have you been able to make friends online?

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