May 19 2008

A Contest To Top Them All

Written by Mark of MeAndMyDrum | Subscribe to MAMD
There’s a trend of contests that have an incredible amount of prizes to give away and it shows no signs of stopping. The latest contest I found is incredible and is being given by DNXpert.
John, the owner of DNXpert, is giving away 62 prizes worth almost $9,000! [...]

May 19 2008

Interview with Victor Franqui of Blogger Unleashed

Recently I watched a few video blogs by Vic and I was interested in his opinion and a few things I had questions about. As many bloggers know, Vic has really taken off as a blogger with his strong opinion and personality. His blog, Blogger Unleashed has really taken off in the past weeks and [...]

May 18 2008

Contest Roundup: May 18th

Do you want the new MacBook Air? Keep on reading and find out how to win fantastic prizes joining the best and simplest blog contests on the net.
Two MacBook Air and $100
This is one of the best. Bloggin-Ads is giving away 2 MacBook Air ($1,799 each) and a total of $1,000 ($100 [...]

May 16 2008

Comment Friday for May 16th

Today I am not feeling too great, but that’s okay. We are all settled from Vegas and everything. It was pretty fun and exhausting. I found out we are BINGO addicts. Going out to the casino again tomorrow to play (in San Diego). Come join me at Sycuan!
If this is your first Comment Friday we [...]

May 15 2008

SiteHoppin Hot on Entrecard’s Trail

What is the latest trend of online business? Online business try to earn money by offering web traffic which equals potential money and charging money in return for services or virtual credits which are usually worthless.
In the blogosphere itself, we have witnessed the success of Entrecard, the ineffective challenge from Spott to dislodge the king [...]

May 13 2008

The Monetization Alternatives

I come across a myriad of money making options everyday.  Many are the usual – PPC networks, mlm scams and a new banner network seems to pop up everyday.  But a few do interest me and here are a couple of alternative monetization tools I have found:
Ziddu – I don’t know if these guys were [...]

May 13 2008

6 Ways To Get A Refund Online

I’ve been successful in getting a few refunds online as of late. The more that you shop and use services online the more you need to watch that everything is what you expect. There are several ways on how to get a refund online.
Tell Them What You Want
Writing an angry email and simply stating you [...]

May 12 2008

Why Your Contest Didn’t Work

I was very excited about my week of contests. I had originally planned for doing 7 separate days of contests. However, only the first day got enough entries to be worthwhile (22). The other two days ended with 0 and 2.

Why My Contests Didn’t Work
Well it was obvious that this format didn’t work. Doing 7 [...]

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