Jun 30 2008

Contest Roundup: June 30th

Win these prizes with no effort! Enter these easy contests there are great chances for you.
Blog Paradise Contest
Blog Paradise and Contest Whiz, two interesting blog about contests, are running an interesting competition. These are the prizes: one year web hosting, Entrecard credits, free advertising and a 6 months SKY.fm Internet Radio Premium subscription. [...]

Jun 27 2008

Comment Friday for June 27th

I’ve been a bit busy working on other projects, trying to find something to make me some real steady income. I just applied for a part-time job to help. If you can make me rich let me know lol.
If this is your first Comment Friday we give one lucky person a free weekly blogroll spot [...]

Jun 24 2008

Find the Best Web Hosting

With our recent web hosting troubles, I figure why not revisit Web Hosting Geeks. At WebHostingGeeks.com you can find the best web hosting for your needs. The website hasn’t changed as much since the last time we reviewed Web Hosting Geeks, however it is different.
Top 10 Best Web Hosts
One thing that is different is the [...]

Jun 23 2008

Can You Be Too Honest On Your Blog?

I never thought I’d actually lose readers (or a reader) for being honest. I’ve always believed having integrity and being honest is an important practice for any business including blogs, at least in my opinion. I’ve been honest so far, why stop now?

Website Outage
On Thursday Blog about your Blog suffered a short outage, from 10 [...]

Jun 22 2008

Contest Roundup: June 22nd

A few more blog contest for your summer…Check them out!
$50 in eBay Gift Certificates
Find the worst misspelled eBay auction with Typo Buddy and you could win an eBay gift certificate. First is $30 and second is $25. Entry is easy, just leave a comment with your misspelling on the contest post and you are [...]

Jun 21 2008

A Big Contest Prize That I Shouldn’t Tell You About

UPDATE: Okay I wasn’t really serious about not wanting you guys to join the contest. Thanks to Matthew for pointing out that I forgot to link to the doggone thing. It’s being held at KeithJamesLock.com. The contest post is here.
I was struggling to decide if I should post about this contest. I’m normally [...]

Jun 20 2008

Comment Friday for June 20th

Now that we’ve resolved our little Adult image problem, I’ve been back to work. After you check out our Comment Friday, make sure to check out It’s All Free Online’s Giftcard Giveaway.
If this is your first Comment Friday we give one lucky person a free weekly blogroll spot as our “blog of the week“. Along [...]

Jun 19 2008

Be Careful With Adult Images

When dealing with the hosting of your website, make sure you know the rules. Many webhosts don’t allow adult images. My host, Hostmonster, has very particular rules. What you may think is okay, they may consider adult.
What is Adult?
Hostmonster has very strict rules when it comes to what is adult or not. There can be [...]

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