Jun 2 2008

Get Listed at Bloggeries Blog Directory

Optimizing your website for search engines can be vital when you are trying to get consistent traffic to your site. Building links to your website is an essential part of SEO.

Blog Directories

A cheap and easy way to build links any blog or website is to list them in directories. This often leads to one way links to your website which is very beneficial to you. You may not get much traffic from the directories themselves, but instead from the search engine visitors. I don’t find directories as important to blogs like this one, however if you are looking to build a specific niche blog, it can be crucial to your SEO success.

You can find a list of 40 free blog directories at Mikes Money Making Mission, just to get you started. These directories have page ranks from 7 to 0. Each directory is different, some may not be right for you.

Get Listed at Bloggeries

Bloggeries Blog DirectoryOne directory not mentioned in that list is Bloggeries. Bloggeries main page is a pr6, that is basically a one stop shop for blogging. There is of course the directory, as well as the forum and blog. The blog consists of reviews of all sorts of blogs, you can see ours here.

The Bloggeries Directory has the front page as a pr6, with categories all with different PR. The higher the pagerank, the more powerful the link to your website is (that generally holds true).

To be listed you can pay $34.99 for a permanent regular listing, that includes three deep links to your website or blog. Or you can have your website/blog featured, for $49.99 annually.

We just got listed in the Bloggeries directory. Make sure to vote for us.
Earn Money Promoting Bloggeries

Rob from Bloggeries is a great guy to have in your corner. He’s all about helping out bloggers and opens his forum to everyone, as well as his directory. He’s looking to help bloggers earn money with his new affiliate program. For everyone you refer to the directory, you will earn $20 per directory “sale”.

On top of that for every affiliate you refer, you earn $5 per every sale that they make.

The affiliate program was just announced a few days ago, so you can get in early and refer some other bloggers into your tier. Sign-up now to get approved and start promoting.

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  1. Rajaie AlKorani said:

    Maybe you could post the results to show us when it starts paying off.

    June 2nd, 2008 at 7:30 pm


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