Jul 31 2008

Triple The Affiliate Program

Triple.com is a hosting company that offers their hosting service for only $3.99 (lowest I’ve seen in a while), as well as gives you an alternative place to register domains. We reviewed Triple.com almost a year ago. It’s a good time to revisit them.
Triple the Thoughts
As in my last review, the domain is great, if [...]

Jul 29 2008

How To Sell Your Blog Interview

I like to follow the sales of blogs, I find it interesting. We blogged about Blogging Fingers getting sold a while back. The blog on the block this time was Bloggin-Ads. Mike has become a friend and contact over instant messaging since his blog has emerged. Lately he has fallen on some hard times.
I hate [...]

Jul 28 2008

Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2008

With August right around the corner it’s time for SES in San Jose.
For those who dont know, Search Engine Strategies (SES) is an expo that educates participants about search engine marketing, SEO, advertising strategies and tactics. They always have the top experts in the field giving presentations and more.
There are tons of websites that [...]

Jul 26 2008

Why Newsletters Are The Next Big Thing

ok, ok.  So online newsletters have been around for a long time – in fact every decent internet marketer has been using newsletters for years.  But i’m seeing a growing trend in the number of bloggers integrating newsletters into their blogs.
So why are newsletters going to be the next big thing?  Well they are already [...]

Jul 25 2008

Comment Friday for July 25th

I’ve been a bit busy here, I’ve got a few new things in the works. Next week I am going to make an announcement of selling one of my blogs. This will be the biggest blog sale so far, looking forward to it.
If this is your first Comment Friday we give one lucky person a [...]

Jul 25 2008

Bloggin-Ads Contest and Sale

My buddy Mike over at Bloggin-Ads is having a bit of a tough time. So unfortunately he has to sell his blog. He’s come under a bit of pressure from the last contest and really just has to sell.
His rss readership is currently at 1375 and posted his traffic as well. The auction has just [...]

Jul 23 2008

Has Paid Posting Died?

Here’s a question – has paid posting died?
I’m talking about sites such as PayPerPost which offered to pay bloggers to post sponsored “reviews” of products and sites.
I logged into my PayPerPost account today.  I haven’t used the service for a long time – I gave up on the concept a while back, and what I [...]

Jul 23 2008

Affiliate Network Review: Logical Media

It’s always a good thing to explore other affiliate networks, even if you are happy with several you’ve already joined. This will only open up different possible revenue streams to you. That’s what I just did with Logical Media. I had really never heard of it before, I just saw another website using them (copied [...]

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