Jul 26 2008

Why Newsletters Are The Next Big Thing

ok, ok.  So online newsletters have been around for a long time – in fact every decent internet marketer has been using newsletters for years.  But i’m seeing a growing trend in the number of bloggers integrating newsletters into their blogs.

So why are newsletters going to be the next big thing?  Well they are already a big thing.  Newsletters offer a very direct way to reach potential customers.  In fact, I have found newsletters to be my single most powerful sales tool.  If you want to sell anything at all online, consider a newsletter.

The good news is integrating a newsletter into a blog is a piece of cake – its as easy as copy and paste.  Products such as Aweber are great, as they offer a hosted and feature rich solution.    But whats not so easy, is capturing leads and converting these into sales.

Here are my tips:

Capturing Leads

A lead is someone who subscribes to your newsletter.  They have the potential to become a customer and are obviously interested in your product or blog.  The easiest way to capture a lead is to offer an incentive.  For example – “subscribe to my newsletter and recieve a free ebook”.   This is simple, effective and can all be automated.

Converting Leads

You will first need to decide what the purpose of your newsletter is.  Do you want to simply keep referring leads back to your blog? Or maybe you want to sell an info product.  I like to do a bit of both.  Sending newsletter subscribers to my blog time and time again is fairly simple – It just takes a “recent posts” section in the newseller highlighting the best of my blog.  Selling an info product is a little harder and would take many more posts to explain – what I will say however, don’t push a product too hard.  Combine content (such as recent posts) with sales pitch for an effective mailing.

Do you have a newsletter?

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  1. Sunday Link Love & Announcements | The Net Fool wrote:

    [...] Blog About Your Blog – Why Newsletters Are The Next Big Thing [...]

    July 27th, 2008 at 9:01 pm
  1. AffiliateObsession.com said:

    I do not have a newsletter, but have considered one for some time. I just wasn’t sure how to operate one and if it was seperate from my feed.

    Good tips!!

    AffiliateObsession.coms last blog post..Facebook Coupon PPC Campaign – GameFly Trial

    July 26th, 2008 at 4:10 am
  2. JK Swopes said:

    I agree man, newsletters, mailing lists, whatever you wish to call them, they are great. When people join, they expect a mix of content as well as sales pitches…the trick is to maintain your character and don’t go all used car salesmen on them :)

    JK Swopess last blog post..Normal Joe is calling out these bloggers

    July 28th, 2008 at 5:14 am


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