Jul 22 2008

Free Promotional Items at VistaPrint

I’ve used VistaPrint before to get my own promotional items. Customized t-shirts can be expensive, but not that bad if you get them for free. Vista Print offers several items for free, but the catch is you usually have to pay for shipping.
VistaPrint Free Shipping Deal
Now through July 24th, 2008, VistaPrint is offering free shipping [...]

Jul 21 2008

WPAds Wordpress Plugin

We’ve been letting you know about quite a few plugins lately. We wrote about 5 Wordpress Plugins That Will Make Your Blogging Easier. That included Wordpress plugins like No Self Pings and others. We didn’t mention however WPAds.
WPAds vs OIOPublisher
OIOPublisher is like a souped up WPAds. However, it does cost money, and some bloggers aren’t [...]

Jul 19 2008

Free BlockBuster Incentive with Entrecard Credits

I hate writing great posts on the weekend since they seem to get less views etc. So what I did last weekend was offer a little promotion with our $5 link sale. It’s still on by the way, you can get more information on our $5 Links Post.
This weekend I wanted to try something a [...]

Jul 18 2008

Stumble Friday for July 18th

Usually we do our Comment Friday, but as I was pretty late I figured to do this instead. Feel free to leave your articles to be stumbled all weekend. I’ll do my best to catch them all!
In return, I would appreciate you adding my stumbleupon profile as a friend. This should only increase the power [...]

Jul 17 2008

Using Yahoo Answers for More Website Traffic

An important thing in blogging successfully is being an authority in your niche. What better of a way to show that you are by answering questions in that niche? Yahoo answers is perfect for that.
Yahoo Answers for Traffic
Yahoo Answers has a great search ability where you can enter keywords to find questions to answer. You [...]

Jul 15 2008

5 Wordpress Plugins To Make Your Blogging Easier

Lately I have been installing Wordpress Plugins like crazy. Probably about 10 in the last few days. I wanted to share a few ‘new’ ones that I have found from other bloggers. After reading the 15 Most Under-Utilized Plugins for SEO I installed many of them.
This is the #1 Wordpress Plugin to make life easier [...]

Jul 14 2008

Free $250 FaceBook Ads Credit

I’m not much of a Facebook user. I am rarely even on Myspace. But I am aware that they all have advertising space, whether it is hosted by themselves, or by Google Adsense (myspace uses adsense).
However, when I saw this awesome offer, I decided to get a little acquainted with Facebook.
Free $250 in Advertising
You can [...]

Jul 13 2008

Contest Roundup: July 13th

Maybe you’ve never been lucky enough to win any contest. But the point is: what kind of contests have you joined? Only here at BAYB you’ll find the best and simple ones! A shout out to Super Blogging Tips for choosing us as a winner for a $50 gift card.
Win Cash, Win Entrecard Credits and [...]

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