Aug 31 2008

Contest Roundup: August 31st

Summer is going to be over soon, but here at BAYB contest time will never end! Enter and win!

Cash and Advertising 1

First Contest at Rockstartemplate. Three lucky winners will get hard cash, Amazon Gift card and free advertising options. Gain your points: subscribe, technorati fave the blog and write a post about it.
Ends on [...]

Aug 28 2008

Which Stat Tracker To Use

I’ve seen the question asked many times as to which stat/traffic counter is best for a blog. In my opinion counters are a pretty important blog tool to have installed. There are many different services to use. I would definitely recommend a free one. Unless you are doing some serious stuff, paying for a stat [...]

Aug 27 2008

MomDot – It’s Where The Moms Go

I’ve always been partial to mommy bloggers. I can’t honestly say that I read too many of them, but I love networking and participating with the mommy’s in the blogosphere. I was pretty active in the PayPerPost forum, many of the bloggers there were mommys or women. Whether you need a vote, a link, or [...]

Aug 26 2008

Perfect Business Update

I just wrote about the Perfect Business Competition. I am working on winning, the prize is $1,000.
Perfect Business Update
Well good news, the girl who went from 3-4th to 2,000+ votes has been disqualified. This means that now I’m only about 80 votes from first place.
This seems pretty attainable, at least to catch the women in [...]

Aug 25 2008

Jamie Kennedy Contest Winners

Our Jamie Kennedy Contest went well, but it could of done better. On August 1st we launched our contest giving away Jamie Kennedy autographed items. It got around on a lot of the contest blogs, but many of them didn’t follow the “rules” to enter. Therefore we got the word out and a lot of [...]

Aug 21 2008

Bloggers Buzzing About Yahoo Buzz

The latest buzz on the internet is Yahoo Buzz. Everyone from Entrecard to Problogger are buzzing. Both are different opinions, Entrecard has jumped on board, while Problogger isn’t buying the bait, neither am I. Regardless many people are excited over the possibilities of Yahoo Buzz. There is no web page more desired to be featured [...]

Aug 20 2008

Perfect Business – Vote for Me

Perfect Business is a site where you can further network with entrepreneurs as well as try to learn and build about your own business. I’ve been on the site for about a day but so far I am pretty impressed with it.
Perfect Business Competition
Perfect Business is running a competition where you can vote for your [...]

Aug 19 2008

PepperJam Continuing Blogger Bonus

Since the launch of Pepperjam, we have been able to refer 28 people to the program. The most I’ve ever really referred to a program. It’s all for good reason, Pepperjam is a great network for bloggers.
Blogger Bonus Continues
With the success of the bonus for bloggers, Pepperjam has decided to continue the program. This really [...]

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