Aug 14 2008

More Entries for Jamie Kennedy Contest

The Jamie Kennedy Contest has done pretty well. A lot of different blogs has picked up the contest. However, many of the posts about the contest weren’t valid submissions. Therefore we really only have a handful of entrants.

Let me remind you that there are 13 prizes to be won.

Contest Live

Contest Live and the Contest Live blog are my newest projects. I’ve gotten a lot into marketing contests and of course running my own. This was really just necessary. I’m looking to make it easier for everyone to run and promote their own contests. Contest Live is a voting network where you can submit and vote for your contest, or any of your favorites. The blog just really compliments that.

For an additional entry to the Jamie Kennedy Contest, simply vote at Contest Live for the contest. You must register (at this time) to vote.

For your entry to count in the contest, leave a comment on the original contest post that you’ve registered and voted. Please leave the name you registered with, otherwise your entry will not count.

You can still get entries for blogging about the contest and the Heckler movie release on Amazon.

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