Aug 19 2008

PepperJam Continuing Blogger Bonus

PJN July Promo

Since the launch of Pepperjam, we have been able to refer 28 people to the program. The most I’ve ever really referred to a program. It’s all for good reason, Pepperjam is a great network for bloggers.

Blogger Bonus Continues

With the success of the bonus for bloggers, Pepperjam has decided to continue the program. This really just includes more money for referrals, as well as the $10 sign-up bonus.

Pepperjam Referrals and Bonus

For reffering users to Pepperjam you can earn $7 per referral. It’s a 40% increase from the $5 it was originally.

To give people a little bit of incentive, publishers now also receive $10 for signing up. Remember, it only takes a minimum of $25 to get paid, so you only need to earn $15 to get your first payout.

Blogger Incentive

Along with the little bonuses, you also can receive a bonus for simply blogging about Pepperjam, similar to this post. For each post you write, you can earn $10 for the post.

Basically you can sign-up to earn your $10, write two posts about Pepperjam, then get paid. Not a bad deal!

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  1. IronBlogger said:

    I have yet to really use PepperJam network to it’s full potential yet. I remember trying it out awhile ago and not liking it very much. I might give it another go though.

    IronBloggers last blog post..Yahoo! Buzz

    August 20th, 2008 at 1:42 pm


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