Sep 29 2008

Entrecard Taking A Step Backwards?

Lately Entrecard has been buzzing. Graham Langdon put EC up for sale, then within 24 hours took it off sale. It turned into more of an ego and website boost as many other entrepreneurs contacted Graham for support. Now he’s decided in a huge overhaul, that effects all members. In my opinion, not in a [...]

Sep 28 2008

Contest Roundup: September 28th

There are always contests for your blog. The best ones are all here, at BAYB. Take a look:
If you want an iPhone for free, simply write a blog post linking back to Avon Winner will be selected at random at the end of September.
Ends on September 30th.
8GB iPod Nano
Write a review of [...]

Sep 24 2008

Activate Inactive RSS Email Subscriptions On Your Blog

Reading Daily Blog Tips I saw an article about Re-Activating Inactive Email Subscriptions. I have done this in the past to try and gain back a few lost RSS subscribers.

Sometimes readers can go inactive if their mailbox cannot be reached, maybe it’s full or the email servers go down for a certain period of time. [...]

Sep 22 2008

Using WPAds With A Widget

WPAds is a great alternative to OIOPublisher, but it can be limiting. You can read our review of the WPAds Wordpress Plugin to get some basic information about it. It’s not as good as OIOPublisher but I just received a tip to make it a bit better.
WPAds in Widgets
Adam Fulford recently asked me a question [...]

Sep 21 2008

Contest Roundup: September 21th

Take your chances and try to win something with these new contests. Enjoy!
Apple iPod touch
Extra Income Guide Blog is giving away an 8GB Apple Ipod touch plus Visa Gift Card and Entrecard Credits. You have many options to enter: Sign up for different on-line services (see original post for details), write about the competition and, [...]

Sep 20 2008

Your Personal Brand

Here’s a quick introduction to building a brand based around you.
Personal Branding is complex field of marketing and branding that would take an entire book to explain, but I would like to give you a few tips as to how to build your own brand.
What is a Personal Brand
Your personal brand is how people ientify [...]

Sep 19 2008

Join SurveySpot To Make Some Extra Money

We’ve been with SurveySpot for over a year now since joining Surveyspot. Our first check was received March 15th, 2007 for $28. Since then I’ve been able to earn a pretty steady extra few bucks for just a few minutes of time. Not to mention free samples and got paid to try a few products.
Take [...]

Sep 18 2008

Need Post Ideas? Browse Your Keywords

Thinking of new ideas to write about everyday can be time consuming and difficult. I’ve been working on BAYB for coming up to 2 years this November. Sometimes it can be trouble to come up with new posts. So today I spent some time browsing the keywords people used to find this blog.
Use Your Keywords
People [...]

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