Oct 28 2008

Flipping Domains For Profit

This is something I used to do quite regularly. It was both a profitable business and was relatively simple.  And now that I am no longer involved in domain “real estate”, I thought I would share with you exactly how to flip domains for profit.
When it comes to domaining there are two paths you can [...]

Oct 22 2008

A List of Blog Directories

Directories arn’t guaranteed to bring you swarms of traffic, but they are a handy resource when it comes to SEO and delivering the odd visitor here and there.  Besides, what do you have to lose by submitting your blog?
So here is a short (but worth it) list of directories for blogs:
Blog Catalog
Globe of Blogs
Blog [...]

Oct 20 2008

Adsense Ready Wordpress Themes

Some of my websites are strictly for money making, others for fun, and some are just projects. I’ve made a lot of my free samples blogs into money makers.
Lately I’ve had quite a bit of success with Google Adsense, getting payments almost every month now. This month I am expecting to receive $200 in payments. [...]

Oct 12 2008

Contest Roundup: October 13th

The best and simpliest contest of the net, only for you…
$20 Cash Weekly
Win $20 Cash every week by joining Garanew’s contest. A simple post on your blog and you are in!
$25 from Europe Stamps
Put a link to  Europe Stamps on your blog/site and get points when people click it. The more points you gain, the [...]

Oct 9 2008

Should You Blog About Sarah Palin?

Websites and blogs can take advantage by following trends. The past few weeks people have been interested in the presidential campaign. Seemingly the most fascinating thing in that campaign has been Sarah Palin. She has been one of the top web searches the past few weeks. People want to find out about her.
Following the Trends
Now [...]

Oct 7 2008

StumbleUpon With New Algorithms

Rumors are circulating that SU has been sold and updated their algorithms. This basically means how they value the “power” of your stumbles. Some users think that only “spammers” should care about this but of course I disagree. The whole point of SU is to share what you like, so wouldn’t you want as many [...]

Oct 6 2008

Contest Roundup: October 6th

What about free cool stuff? Enjoy the new contest roundup…
An iPod Nano
Win an iPod Nano from Enkay Blog. Three options to enter: subscribe to his RSS feeds by mail, download his free blogging ebook and write a post about it.
Ends on October 15th.
Amazon Gift cards
Three Amazon Gift Cards ($75, $15, and $10) for you [...]

Oct 1 2008

Sell Your OIOPublisher Ad Space For Entrecard Credits

As Entrecard is trying to move forward with their rule change, that I call a step backwards, they’ve got a new plan in the works. Entrecard has partnered with OIOPublisher and not you can sell your adspace for entrecard credits as well as cash.
OIOPublisher with Entrecard
When you install the new OIOPublisher you can select the [...]

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