Nov 23 2008

Making Money With Twitter

I don”t think trying to monetize your Twitter profile is a good idea.  Even using it to repost your blog posts is also not good.  But I have noticed that a few options have become available for those looking to bastardize their Twitter profile and thought I would mention them here.
First up is Magpie.  Magpie [...]

Nov 16 2008

I’m That Guy Who Blogs

Pearls Before Swine has quickly become my favorite comic strip and they’ve been doing a bit about blogging.
Blogging has caught fire lately references to it in commercials, radio, movies, tv shows, and comic strips. Not only that it has evolved into an entire thing of its own. Wordpress isn’t just for blogging anymore, you can [...]

Nov 9 2008

How Not to Interact Online

The web we use these days is all about being social and interacting with others.  Whether its posting a comment on a blog or Tweeting on your Twitter account, every action you make has an impact on your personal brand.  And seeing as your brand is your most valuable marketing tool, its in your best [...]

Nov 6 2008

Do You Own A BlogSpot Blog?

I like doing polls for two reasons. One I get to see what people think and the other is just to simply ask questions. I’m always curious in the minds of bloggers.

Lots Of People on Blogger
My most recent poll was, “Do You Own a Blogspot Blog?”. You may not know but some great blogs started [...]

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