Jan 19 2009

Submit Your BlogPosts at BloggersBase

A lot of successful blogs have more than one author. Most of the ‘famous’ bloggers I doubt rarely even blog themselves anymore and often open up to guest posters. Just like here at Blog About Your Blog, we’ve never had just one author. BloggersBase has taken that idea and ran with it.
BloggersBase Review
“BloggersBase is a [...]

Jan 5 2009

Kontera $25 Bonus Cash

Kontera is the best in text advertising service out there in my opinion. I have tried others and wasn’t satisfied. They also offer pay per click advertising for advertisers, that I haven’t experimented with. However their staff is pretty great and have alerted me about their newest promotion for new publishers.
$25 Bonus
For anyone who registers [...]

Jan 2 2009

Giving Social Spark A Shot

I was really mad with PayPerPost when they left tons of bloggers out to dry when the Google PR crackdown hit. Many of my blogs (some I didn’t even use PPP on) still are affected.
Does SocialSpark Deserve A Chance?
Whether it does or not, I’m giving it one. First and most importantly, all sponsored posts are [...]

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