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We at Blog about your Blog are about quality. Quality blogs, quality bloggers, and quality people.

Blog about your Blog (BAYB) is a place for good quality bloggers to come together and collaborate on one big project. We have bloggers from all over the world, blogging about a variety of topics.

We are constantly seeking more talented bloggers to join us on this never ending project. We want to help the smaller bloggers out. Be found, get noticed. We are constantly promoting different blogs that have an impact on the blogosphere in some way or another.

If you are interested in contributing let us know by using our contact form. Blog about your Blog is a good blog to be apart of as you can generate traffic, get readers, and share your ideas. When you blog with us you can build links to your site and articles.

BAYB is making its mark on the Blogosphere and we want you to be a part of that with us. Look around, we always have something new going on, great contests, blogging tips, and general website help and knowledge.

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About the Owner

There are many different authors on our blog, but I maintain the domain, hosting, and other features on the blog.

My name is Matthew Henrickson. I am 21 from San Diego California. I have a two year old son and have been with my girlfriend going on 4 years.

Blog about your Blog is my favorite internet project, although I have many others I am constantly working on. I currently blog full-time so I’m always pushing my next big idea.

I love helping out other bloggers, so if you need a social media vote please feel free to contact me on Stumbleupon, Digg, or Sphinn.

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