Dec 30 2007

Let your readers know who you are

Have you ever visited a blog with a random title, read the latest post and known all you needed to know about the author?
Well if you have, then you’ve been lucky and that writer just happened to have the right post at the right time on the first page and tomorrow when they post again [...]

Jul 13 2007

Two Quick Blogging Lessons from Sports Agent Dicky Fox

“I love getting up in the morning. I clap my hands and say, ‘This is gonna be a great day’.”
Show your enthusiasm! People want to read your posts because the words are passionate about whatever the topic of the day is. It doesn’t matter which expert you speak to ‘content is king’ and [...]

Jun 20 2007

Thunderbirds are go (and other puns too delicious to ignore)

That’s right, I decided last night to install the Mozilla email client Thunderbird for reasons that I can’t fully explain or understand myself. I asked the question over at QYDJ is it stupid to abandon Outlook when I have a fully licensed copy already bundled on my PC? Am I just making life [...]

Jun 16 2007

Business blogs – how personal to get?

I was prompted to write this article up after reading the comment/question left by Jennifer Gniadecki in this week’s Comment Friday. Jennifer was asking about her business blog and whether or not she could or rather should start adding things of a more personal nature in there.
This is a topic I’ve discussed, argued and [...]

Jun 13 2007

Looking for some advice…

For a change instead of handing out my own hints and tips I’d thought I’d seek out some advice from the blog about your blog community.
I’ve just taken the next step for my blog and bought a new URL for it – now the thing that I was wondering is how will this affect [...]

Jun 9 2007

Make hot linking work for you!

If you’re like me then you’ll have a mixture of images on your site including stuff found on google, royalty free graphics and original stuff done by yourself. The main thing though is that ALL of these images are held on my server. I’m not a bandwidth thief, unlike many out there.
The other [...]

May 25 2007

Comment Friday for 25th May

Hey everyone it’s Friday again and you all know what that means! No? Don’t be silly it’s comment Friday!!! I’m going to have to keep this short and sweet as I’m a little pressed for time and you guys know what this is all about!!! If you don’t Comment Friday is [...]

May 18 2007

It’s Comment Friday with Lee!!!

As you may know Matt is handling some family stuff right now so this week I’m hosting Comments Friday because it has become such a great institution and I, like you guys hang out for it each week (maybe that’s just Friday). I know that Matt’s goal the other week was 50 comments so [...]

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