Aug 2 2007

Designers Wanted: Contest

Over at WordUp, I’ve launched a contest that is for all you designing folk. I’m looking for a logo. If your design wins out, you’ll win some cool prizes. If you’re not into designing, but have a blog, there’s an opportunity for some free BE credits. View the post here.

Jul 4 2007

How to Blow Up Your Blog . . . and Live to Blog About it!

OMG! What a terrible time I had with my blog today!!!
Ironically, I was reading the previous post on BAYB about the TITLE tag. A word to the wise, don’t mess with your permalink structure unless you know what you’re doing.
Long story short, I had to basically start fresh with WordUp. After much stress and blindly [...]

Jun 30 2007

Thoughts on Civility

Not too long ago, I started a series called “Thoughts on Civility” that has presented many scenarios and thoughts about life, society and spirit. Today, I was compelled to draft the seventh entry in the series after reading a devotion and reflection on some current events in entertainment and technology.
Before I knew it, it [...]

Apr 4 2007

Baseball’s Changing Ethnicity

Tomorrow at CGBB, I will begin a series about the changing climate of ethnicity in baseball. In the wake of globalization efforts, the decline of African-American participation, and the influx of international talent to the game, each part will focus on a different facet of the changing ethnic culture of baseball as we know it. [...]

Mar 23 2007

MLB Team Outlooks

Over at CGBB, I have invited several guest bloggers to post season outlooks of the Major League Baseball teams they follow. So far, we have about half the teams covered and are looking for a few more who would be interested in contributing.
When you get a monent, visit CGBB and review some of the ‘07 [...]

Mar 1 2007

The Spring Training Story I’m Following

By now, I am sure most of you are saying, “What the heck is he blogging about? Who is Josh Hamilton and what is the story?”

Feb 22 2007

Remember When Bologna Didn’t Matter?

You never know whne the blog muses of the universe will hit you with a life lesson.

Feb 9 2007

Guest Post Opportunity

Are you getting Spring Fever? Do you have a favorite Major League Baseball team? If so, you may want to be a guest blogger over at Chad Gramling’s Baseball Blog (CGBB). Click here for the details.

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