Aug 18 2007

Is It Worth Posting On The Weekends?

A question I’ve seen more of recently, and one I’m coming around to answering as “No, not really”.
Now obviously I’m talking more about blogs that are aiming for traffic, ad-clicks, Stumbles & Diggs etc. because if you’re blogging simply for fun and maybe a smaller group of readers I don’t believe it matters.  Othewise though, [...]

Jun 25 2007

Round ‘Em Up!

More and more bloggers are writing ’round-up’ posts, pulling together a series of posts from other bloggers into a single article on their own blog. Sometimes called ’speedlinking’, it’s certainly popular, but is it something you should be doing? I think so.
However, I don’t think it’s worth just posting a list of links, or just [...]

Apr 23 2007

The Benefits Of De-Lurking

Let me start by saying I have no objections to lurkers (people who read, but don’t comment) at all on my blogs. I’m pleased you’ve visited, I hope you find my various posts interesting/funny/useful and you’re more than welcome.
But de-lurking is one of the best things you can do, both for yourself and the blog [...]

Feb 1 2007

News & Some Traffic Tips

Quick apologies to Matt for not posting more often, my own blogging is taking up more & more time, but anyway…
Both my blogs are doing quite well considering their young age, and sites like BAYB are proving invaluable for picking up some new tips. I’ve put my stats up here, and as you can see, [...]

Jan 11 2007

Simple Networking

The best way to get links is to leave good, non-spammy comments on other blogs. How to find them? What to say?
A good start is to find the blogs running various re-occurring posts such as Thursday Thirteen, Wordless Wednesday and some others. The premise is simple: Thursday 13 is where you post a list of [...]

Jan 4 2007

Thermal-Its just a lot of hot air

This is just to let you know about my blog, Thermal.
The sole thought behind it is to make it an easy read, with a mixture of useful info, humour, photos, blog & software tools and anything else that crawls down my internet tube. I usually manage at least 5 posts a day, every day, so [...]

Dec 29 2006

Blog-Op – Optimize Your Blog

Hello, this is just a quick word about one of my blogs: Blog-Op.
Blog-Op is a contributory blog, which contains a whole range of information on making your blog better. Improving the layout, increasing traffic, optimizing for search engines and even making a little money are all topics covered by this blog.
I don’t pretend [...]

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