Oct 1 2007

Jiglu – Tagging heaven

In this Web 2.0 world we live in, tagging is one of the mainstays of networking your material. If you start as you mean to go on and get into the habit of listing relevant keywords or tags at the end of every post, you should be able to maximise the usefulness of the humble [...]

Aug 29 2007

Germ of an idea for a How To… blog

A while ago, Matt gave me an idea to broaden my blogging horizons – he suggested I start another blog! I set to thinking about a topic I would enjoy writing about day in, day out, in a niche that I know well to the point of being an authority. After dismissing the idea of [...]

Jul 31 2007

Write a Review for a Linkback

As I sit here waiting for my wireless router to sort itself out – again – I am mulling over a PPP post by Matt that touched on reviews; I am pondering an idea given to me on a visit to Jon Lee’s excellent web development blog; and I am also smarting at the realisation [...]

Jul 30 2007

Is the title of your blog reflective of your content?

I have written a couple of posts making fun of software titles that give no clue as to what the software does. eg Pando, Chirp? Any ideas what you might do with them?
I have also found a bit of resistance to the title of my blog, (the perceived disgustingness of the innocuous word Pisstakers being [...]

Jul 25 2007

Plan B for bloggers

When it is going well, blogging is a joy, but when every component of the mix seems to fall apart at the same time, it can get tough. First it was a dead hard drive, and then a weird glitch that wouldn’t let me use my back-up either. And then, writer’s block.
No hardware
Sat staring at [...]

Jun 30 2007

The dreaded edit

I stumbled across a simple way to perfect your blog material, and in the process, determine whether what you set out to do has been achieved. Additionally, if you see yourself wandering, it is a chance to bring yourself back on track.
Essentially, you go back to your first post, read it ├╝ber critically and then [...]

Jun 17 2007

Don’t be shy when promoting your blog

Do you breeze into a room and everyone turns and looks, or do you feel like you are up on the ceiling and noone has noticed you? When you blog, do you feel like the biggest baddest blogger on the planet and everyone should read your post, or do you write and hope for just [...]

May 27 2007

Making money online in the future

Seeing Matt being 21 and happy made me think back to my 21st. I can’t recall the details so it must have been a good night out too.
Mulling over an idea for a blog post, (because if he is out partying he can’t be blogging, right!) I was thinking how lucky he is to be [...]

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