Jan 30 2010

Why You Should Create an Info Product

There is no doubt that info products are hot right now.  All around the blogosphere, bloggers are using info products to expand their reach and build their brands.
Whats an Info Product
Common examples of info products include:

video series

They are distributed digitally (usually), which makes them cheap to produce.
It takes just one person to create [...]

Dec 8 2008

Nominate Your Fav App!

The 2008 iDezy Web Worker Award recognises the number web app or tool you can’t live without!
Now’s the time to head on over to the awards page and nominate your favourite tool or app so it can be judged by the panel of experts.  Judging this year is Darren Rowse from ProBlogger, Veronica Belmont from [...]

Dec 2 2008

Who Still Uses MyBlogLog

I’m interested to know who still uses MyBlogLog – the once popular tool which allowed you to create a community around your blog and showed you who had recently visited your blog.
It seems as thouh it has almost completely died as im not seeing it on many blogs.  So heres the poll, are you still [...]

Nov 23 2008

Making Money With Twitter

I don”t think trying to monetize your Twitter profile is a good idea.  Even using it to repost your blog posts is also not good.  But I have noticed that a few options have become available for those looking to bastardize their Twitter profile and thought I would mention them here.
First up is Magpie.  Magpie [...]

Nov 9 2008

How Not to Interact Online

The web we use these days is all about being social and interacting with others.  Whether its posting a comment on a blog or Tweeting on your Twitter account, every action you make has an impact on your personal brand.  And seeing as your brand is your most valuable marketing tool, its in your best [...]

Oct 28 2008

Flipping Domains For Profit

This is something I used to do quite regularly. It was both a profitable business and was relatively simple.  And now that I am no longer involved in domain “real estate”, I thought I would share with you exactly how to flip domains for profit.
When it comes to domaining there are two paths you can [...]

Oct 22 2008

A List of Blog Directories

Directories arn’t guaranteed to bring you swarms of traffic, but they are a handy resource when it comes to SEO and delivering the odd visitor here and there.  Besides, what do you have to lose by submitting your blog?
So here is a short (but worth it) list of directories for blogs:
Blog Catalog
Globe of Blogs
Blog [...]

Sep 20 2008

Your Personal Brand

Here’s a quick introduction to building a brand based around you.
Personal Branding is complex field of marketing and branding that would take an entire book to explain, but I would like to give you a few tips as to how to build your own brand.
What is a Personal Brand
Your personal brand is how people ientify [...]

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