Jul 26 2008

Why Newsletters Are The Next Big Thing

ok, ok.  So online newsletters have been around for a long time – in fact every decent internet marketer has been using newsletters for years.  But i’m seeing a growing trend in the number of bloggers integrating newsletters into their blogs.
So why are newsletters going to be the next big thing?  Well they are already [...]

Jul 23 2008

Has Paid Posting Died?

Here’s a question – has paid posting died?
I’m talking about sites such as PayPerPost which offered to pay bloggers to post sponsored “reviews” of products and sites.
I logged into my PayPerPost account today.  I haven’t used the service for a long time – I gave up on the concept a while back, and what I [...]

May 13 2008

The Monetization Alternatives

I come across a myriad of money making options everyday.  Many are the usual – PPC networks, mlm scams and a new banner network seems to pop up everyday.  But a few do interest me and here are a couple of alternative monetization tools I have found:
Ziddu – I don’t know if these guys were [...]

May 7 2008

So You’re Looking to Advertise…..

Ok, so your blog is coming along nicely. You have some good quality content, a fairly steady stream of visitors and you are even making a little dosh here and there. And now you’re looking to reach out to new readers and grow your audience. So you decide to purchase some advertising.
Trying [...]

May 6 2008

Go Clutter Free!

One thing I hate on blogs is clutter. And yes i’m talking about those super long sidebars, flashing widgets and popup ads. And this clutter could be killing your blog with, longer page loads and the ability to distract your readers away from the content.
So here are my quick tips on how to [...]

May 4 2008

Using Twitter to Connect With Your Peeps!

Are you on Twitter?
Some people use Twitter to spam others, some use it simply as a marketing tool. Others, use it as a personal journal but, I like many other bloggers are using it to connect with their audience.
When I introduce Twitter to a newbie the very first time, they always seem to say [...]

Feb 7 2008

Taking Wordpress to a Whole New Level!

The folks at Automattic (guys behind Wordpress) released a very cool new theme recently which takes Wordpress to a whole new level.
The Prologue theme turns your blog into a Twitteresque site – with much of the same feel, layout and functionality. Some people are even suggesting this could be a Twitter killer.
I don’t [...]

Dec 29 2007

Blogging is Domainers New Pastime

Thats right Blogging is one of the new favorite tools of many of the top domainers!
I decided to take Matthews previous post on Domaining being the new pastime for blogging by completely throwing things into reverse!
I started out in online business buying and selling domains, which I guess would make me a “domainer”. Luckily [...]

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