Mar 23 2008

Are You Backing Up Your Blog?

One thing you cannot ignore about your blog is backing up the data. You don’t want to wake up to find your hosting mess up the backups and you have lost all your data.
Relax. I know just the thought of that would make a hard working blogger like you shudder.
I had written a detailed post [...]

Dec 10 2007

3 Must-See Lists for Top WordPress Plugins, Tweaks & Firefox Extensions

Blatant plug warning!

WordPress and Firefox have something in common. They are both extendable by user generated add-ons – WordPress Plugins & Firefox Extensions.
I love finding and trying out new Firefox Extensions and WordPress Plugins. You can find all these in the official Firefox Add-ons directory or the WordPress Plugins directory. But, [...]

Dec 8 2007 – Make Money By Sharing Great Deals

Black Friday is gone. But, great deals and savings on items you buy online are not limited to after Thanksgiving day sale. You can find them year round if you know where to find them.
ProBargainHunter is a great site for deal news and coupons. They are all about finding great deals [...]

Nov 26 2007

Arrival and Departure Traffic in Realtime with FEEDJIT

Are you tired of logging in to your Google Analytics or your blog hosts CPanel interface to look at where your visitors came from? Those methods are absolutely great for analyzing data once in a while. How would you like to see who is visiting, from where they are visiting from and where they left [...]

Nov 1 2007

Diwali 2007 Contest at ShanKri-la

Diwali is a great Indian Festival of Lights. ShanKri-la is celebrating reaching 200+ RSS subscribers and Diwali 2007 by giving away some cool stuff.
What do I win?
2 winners will be selected randomly and each of them will receive one of the following:

1GB Kingston DataTraveller USB Flash Drive [OR]
1GB Kingston PhotoLoader SD Memory Card – comes [...]

Oct 7 2007

Check Your Blog for Links to Bad Neighborhoods

Organic search traffic is essential for any blog that is hoping to monetize with ad programs like Google Adsense, Text Link Ads, etc. Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in garnering your share of search engine traffic. How a search engine perceives your site is very crucial in this.
In our day to day blogging [...]

Sep 24 2007

10 Firefox Add-ons to Supercharge your Blogging

Blogging is fun but sometimes it can be hard work. If you use Firefox for browsing, you will be amazed at how your tool for browsing can be transformed into a tool that supercharges your blogging experience!
Here are some Firefox extensions (in no particular order) that can give you that extra oomph [...]

Sep 17 2007

Get Free Targeted Traffic with BlogRush

Getting targeted traffic to your blog is an incredibly nice goal to have for a blogger. And what if you could get this for free?
Yes, BlogRush is a free service that is all the rage in the blogosphere. It is kind of a multi-level pyramid scheme and the whole setup is explained by [...]

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