Jan 14 2007

2006 Uncommon Loon Awards

Minnesota Monthly has put out it’s 4th Annual Loonie Award Winners. Similar to the Darwin Awards, but just for Minnesota.

“Now you know: Don’t shoot tame bears, Don’t tell your employees to dumpster dive, and don’t rent a house to Prince. But for every celebrity, politico, and just plain loonatic for whom this advice comes a [...]

Jan 6 2007

Inspirational Image For the Day….


Jan 1 2007

2007….Here We Come

Now that 2007 is here, it almost feels like a refreshing new start. I am excited to move forward with the year and cant wait to see what it brings.
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year with hopes that something exciting is coming your way this year as well.
It snowed where I live last night. It [...]

Dec 28 2006

Newbie Here…..My Introductory Post

I came across this site from Quit Your Day Job and thought, hey, why not! I am fairly new to the blogging arena, but like many other people, I feel I have something to say, want to share or just needed an outlet. Blogging sounded like the ticket!
My blog is called Worth It All. It [...]

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