Jan 13 2008

Weekly Contest Roundup for Jan 13

Another week, another set of contests for you to enter and possibly win. Here’s my picks from Contest Beat over the past week.
$100 Cash
This one is nice and easy and you can enter in a number of different ways from subscribing to the RSS, blogging about the contest or even making a comment. Just make [...]

Jan 7 2008

A 2008 Version of the Contest Roundup

Happy New Years to everyone, I hope you partied hard! I actually took my break a little later than everyone else, hence the late posting, but anyway, here’s my pick of the top contests from Contest Beat for this week!
A Genetic Genealogy Test
I picked this contest because it is so original and interesting. Basically, the [...]

Dec 29 2007

Contest Roundup – Holiday Version

It’s Matt here again from Contest Beat with another Weekly Contest Roundup. Being the holiday season not too many people seem to be online and so there aren’t all that many new contests being run. However, there are quite a few that go through until January and February next year, and even beyond, so make [...]

Dec 24 2007

Some Extra Cash for Christmas

It might be Christmas Eve but that doesn’t mean the dozens of blog contests going on right now across the internet have stopped. Why in less than 24 hours you could have won a brand new Nintendo Wii, and in just a few days you might have $50 more cash in your pocket.
A Nintendo Wii
The [...]

Dec 15 2007

Win a $5K Laptop in this Contest Roundup

In this weeks edition of the Weekly Contest Roundup we have a $5,000 laptop up for grabs (and all you need to do is make a comment), an iPod Nano, $100 cash and a few other bits and pieces including the Nintendo Wii contest which is still going. Read on and don’t forget to take [...]

Dec 9 2007

Some Cash, an iPod Touch, a Wii & More

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Contest Roundup, courtesy of Contest Beat. With Christmas on its way the contest scene seems to be hotting up a fair bit – what better way to make the holiday season even better than by winning an Amazon voucher or cash for some gifts, or even winning a [...]

Dec 2 2007

Another Edition of the Weekly Contest Roundup

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Contest Roundup here at Blog About Your Blog. Today we have lots of sweet prizes for you to win including a Nintendo Wii and an iPod Nano, as well as a couple of more interesting ones… plus all the contests are pretty easy to enter! So without further [...]

Nov 25 2007

A Slightly Abridged Version of the Contest Roundup

Sorry about being a bit late with the Contest Roundup this week, I just got back from the Full Moon Party held on Koh Phangan in Thailand and didn’t think to schedule this post before I left… oh well.  Taking that into account, here’s a slightly shortened version of what I would normally post – [...]

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