Nov 25 2007

Getting Visitors To Online Money Making Programs

On my own blog I’ve been talking about the various free stores that bloggers can set up, such as DIY Dating, Amazon aStores, Convergence (over 18’s only) and Zlio and so on.
Lots of people take up these offers, along with joining one of the many affiliate programs, but the majority don’t do any business at [...]

Nov 12 2007

Voxant Problems With WordPress

Just a quick post following on from my last one about making money with Voxant.
It appears that there is difficulties running Voxant videos if your blog is on WordPress, which is the case with BAYB.
I tried to show a sample video in my previous post but it messed things up after a while. The video [...]

Nov 9 2007

Making Money With Videos

As I haven’t written a post for BAYB for quite a while I thought I’d do this one on a money making program that I joined recently, well on the 21st of September to be precise.
The opportunity is Voxant Newsroom. What I can say straight away is that I have received a payment from them [...]

Jul 17 2007

Stolen Posts

Probably, like many bloggers, I get some of my posts ’stolen’ and then published on other blogs. It’s okay if there are proper return links – though personally I still think permission should be asked before publishing complete posts.
I even heard about one blogger who had his full site stolen – design, content – [...]

Jun 13 2007

Introducing My New Blog – Celebrity Insider – Photos & News

I’ve diversified, at least I think that’s the word. After publishing Mike’s Money Making Mission for 35 weeks I’ve now started another blog. This time it’s about celebrities – no, don’t groan! People like this sort of thing.
Celebrity Insider – Photos & News has been up and running for 9 days and [...]

Jun 2 2007

All We Have Is Now

A few rambling thoughts on life …
All we have is now. The measure of our peace of mind, and the measure of our personal effectiveness, are determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment. Regardless of what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow now is where we are. [...]

May 24 2007

Holiday Tactics

Having just returned from a two week holiday in the sunshine it’s nice to get back to blogging again – I think!
Actually I was concerned about leaving my blog for a couple of weeks without any posts or input from myself. I wondered if I would have any visitors left when I returned. Though there [...]

May 3 2007

Where Does Your Traffic Come From?

I was sitting here ruminating, as you do, and started thinking about traffic – well there are worse things!
I saw the BAYB stats for April and where the traffic came from. It’s an interesting subject and it’s also interesting that hits don’t always come from the areas that the ‘experts’ say we should concentrate our [...]

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